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Reviving Earth through Organic Farming

Date: November 11, 2016

Venue: CLA 1.104, College of liberal arts building, UT Austin

Time: 06:30PM-08:00PM

Ms. Revathi is a school teacher turned organic farmer who has done pioneering work in organic farming and in reclaiming agricultural lands destroyed by natural disasters. Her work has touched more than 11,00,000 farmers, helped reclaim land & livelihood in 22 disaster situations and been recognized by the governments of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Her primary work involves changing the philosophy of farming in many parts of India - by training farming communities to switch from industrial to Eco-friendly sustainable farming. Currently, she heads INSPIRE, a non-profit organization that trains marginal farmers and seeks to research and preserve traditional farming practices.
Come join us to learn about organic farming and sustainable agriculture practices in India with some incredible stories about food, farmers, and the environment. The talk will be followed by a Q/A session. Follow on facebook for more details.

The Almighty Trinity: Grand operatic ballet

Date: October 29, 2016

Venue: Austin Waldorf auditorium

Time: 03:30PM-05:30PM

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